Welcome to Etiquette Unlimited Institute

EUI exist to teach or reintroduce manners and social graces.
We offer classes for every stage of life be it Elementary/Children, the newly graduated college student or the more seasoned professional. We offer both standard and client customized curriculums. After our trainings clients are more polished and confident.

Our Workshops Cover

  • Proper Introductions

  • Hand Shaking/Proper Greetings

  • Networking

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  • Business Dining

  • Dressing for the Occasion

  • Personal Presentation and more!

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Our Events

  • Manners and Mimosas

    This is an excellent opportunity to gather the girls and have fun all while refreshing your etiquette skills.

  • Date Night

    Gather your significant other and be reintroduced to fine dining skills over an engaging interactive multi course meal.

  • Dining Etiquette for Children

    This festive event is designed to introduce your child to etiquette. The topics include kindness, setting the table, napkin use, pacing the meal, different styles of dining and much more.

For information about our services and events please contact us.

Meet our Founder and CEC – Chief Etiquette Consultant

Tonette Manuel aka, “Ms. Tonette” is a certified Etiquette Consultant that helps others present their personal best. She has been certified by the Protocol School of Palm Beach and From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette. As an author and entrepreneur with many years of church leadership, her approach to teaching the pillars of excellence through proper etiquette is both practical and personable.

Ms. Tonette through Etiquette Unlimited Institute offers a variety of training on proper etiquette for children and adults.